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Online Workshops

It’s not always possible to travel to a workshop, course of fetival. Inkwell have developed a series of online writing workshops offering distance learning that will give you the guidance, tips and technique you need, plus positive encouragement at times to suit you.

Online writing workshops enable you to engage with bestselling authors and leading industry professionals, developing your skills through lecture, exercises and one to one critique. Each author will work with you to improve your writing at your own level.

Every online workshop is carefully programmed to ensure that, once completed, you get a tangible return for your time and investment, pushing you to explore your creativity and giving you essential techniques to improve your writing.

Online workshops are available on demand and run for a period of weeks enabling you to fit your writing in around your lifestyle. If you have any questions about your chosen workshop don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will forward your query to the course facilitator.

How does it work?

On receipt of payment for your chosen workshop, your tutor will welcome you to the course and send an introduction and the opening course unit.

Complete the exercises set and return to your facilitator with any questions you may have.

The next course unit will be forwarded to you with the feedback from the previous unit, enabling you to work at your own pace to complete the course.

It is recommended that tasks are completed weekly to ensure you receive the best learning experience, but not all of us can manage that, and you can make your own arrangement with your tutor.

Working one to one in this way you build a relationship with your tutor, who will identify your strengths and weaknesses as the course continues and offer guidance where necessary.

We currently offer online workshops:

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