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Contract Consultation

Literary contracts are incredibly complex. It is VITAL that you do not sign a contract without advice from an industry professional who can explain the rights and territory clauses to you to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.

The majority of publishing contracts, in the first instance, are boiler plate – basic contracts that a publisher expects the author to negotiate to develop a deal that everyone is happy with. There may be some clauses that they are not prepared to move on, many more that, if negotiated, will give you more opportunities within the market. It is essential that you understand each of these clauses – does a publisher need worldwide or digital rights to your book if they are not in a position to sell them on?

Inkwell offer one-off contract consultation. We will review your contract and explain what it means, giving you our recommendations for any changes.  This service is confidential and as it is on a contract by contract basis, not subject to the usual ongoing agent/author percentages. Our fee is €200 plus VAT @ 23%

If you require us to negotiate the contract on your behalf, we can do so on a flat fee basis – contact us to discuss your situation.

All contractual advice provided by The Inkwell Group and/or their consultants is given with the proviso that the client may not hold The Inkwell Group and/or their consultants liable for any contract the client signs or for any consequences that stem from said advice.  

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