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Talking Writing Story Contest

Talking Writing (TW) is a free, nonprofit online literary magazine based in the U.S. Supporting writers at all stages of their careers is our mission. Even so, it’s almost impossible for us to keep up with new work. We also know how daunting it can be for authors to connect with the right audiences.

That’s why we encourage you to submit work for our 2012 Prizes for Short Fiction and Nature Writing. The prizes honor the way online writers—from novice bloggers to literary luminaries—share their passionate, gut reactions with readers. We’re looking for the essay or short story that only you can write.

David Cameron, TW’s fiction editor and a short story writer, will judge the fiction contest. Steven Lewis, a writing instructor and frequently published freelance writer, will judge the nature writing contest. Both prizewinners receive publication in TW and admission to the March 2013 AWP Conference in Boston.

You do not have to be a published writer or U.S. citizen to submit. However, entries must be in English. All submissions will be considered for publication in TW.

The contests close on November 1. A $15 entry fee helps support our administrative costs. For more information, including submissions guidelines, please visit the TW Contests page.

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