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Wolfpack Publishers Short Story Competition

Have you got a Short Story in you?
If you think your story will fit with one of Wolfpack’s collection themes – Historical Romance, Paranormal, or Thriller – then they want to hear from you!

Wolfpack Publishers are looking for Short Story Submissions from new or established writers for a competition running through July 2013, with a Grand Prize of a Weekend Pass to the Roscommon Writing Festival in November 2013, Book Vouchers worth €25, and publication in a themed Anthology.

What is it? ‘Paranormal’ is the term we use to describe any phenomena that science hasn’t quite got a handle on, just yet. It’s all the stuff that we talk about, that people claim to have experienced, or believe in – that we can’t currently explain or measure. It includes topics like vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, spiritual entities, cryptozoology, gods and goddesses, the human soul, life after death, alternate universes, ESP or extra sensory perception, mediumship or communication with the dead, UFO’s, shapeshifters, angels and demons.

We’re talking anything set before the 1900’s, that is a little bit romantic or sexified. Nothing too extreme mind you, we have an audience of delicate flowers (so they say), but we’re fairly sure they can take a little bit of extra smuttiness in with their historically accurate storytelling. Note that – historically accurate storytelling. Do your research for this one, and make it good, as our Boss is a real life archaeologist and historical re-enactor. As for the Romance genre generally, this is a love story – your focus is on the development of the relationship between your lead character and a love interest. Emotional engagement is the key element, and happy endings are good, but so are twists and turns – and we’re not all that tied to the traditional boy meets girl model. Go nuts with your sexy imaginative selves.

You know what this is, right? Suspense, tension, excitement, an emotional rush, edge of the seat type of stuff, villains and obstacles to overcome, with a climactic ending. It can be psychological, horror, action, mystery or crime, but please note all stories will be judged with an eye to the Bechdel Test, and gender equality – so stretch the norms of the genre for this one. A little gore and violence are grand, if they’re plot driven, but we’re not going to be interested in gratuitous slayer fest stories.

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