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Excellent Blog Post on Writing Better (Occasionally Ranty & Sweary)

This is a brilliant blog post that pretty much summarises what all us fiction writers *should* be doing, and yes it’s a bit ranty and sweary but with good reason! Thanks to JJMarsh for putting it out there! JJ  Marsh is a writer, journalist, teacher, actor, director and cultural trainer,…

Ebooks are changing the way we read, and the way novelists write

Interesting article in The Guardian on how digital is effecting reading – and writing – habits… But what is the ebook doing to the way we read? And how, in turn, are the changes in the way millions of us read going to affect the way novelists write? This is…

Inkwell Success Stories

War & Piste with Alex Thomas

Having recently launched her debut novel in London, Alex Thomas shares about her route to success and the “wonderful experience” of working with The Inkwell Group.

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