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One of the major problems writers face when they reach the end of their manuscript, is getting reliable and expert feedback on the book as a whole. What’s working, what isn’t? Is there a plot hole or a cast of extraneous characters? Are you telling too much and not showing, is your dialogue sparkling and natural and working hard for you? Does that ending really work?

A reader’s report will give you unbiased independent professional feedback on your book. It is designed to kick start your own creativity , to think about the story from a new angle and give you the tools to bring it to the next level.

One of our most popular and worthwhile services, an experienced author will read your book and give you a summary of the areas that need attention, the bits that work and the bits that don’t. When I first started writing I was lucky enough to work closely with Treasa Coady in Town House Country House on one of my early books – the reader’s reports I received were invaluable, pinpointing areas that needed attention and giving much needed feedback on plot development, character and tips to make the book work. They vastly improved that book, but also my writing as a whole as they pinpointed mistakes and key areas of technique that I needed to develop.

Contact us to discuss getting a Readers Report and we will ensure that an expert in your genre is assigned to your project.

An editor can edit the book structurally (click the link to read this article to see what’s involved) and will work right through your manuscript marking it with their comments on what areas need improving/developing/deleting. However an editor can only work with what they have on the page – it’s your job to get your book to the highest possible standard before you employ an editor, and a Readers Report will help you do that.

Reader’s Reports cost from €430 (plus VAT @ 23%) depending on the reader involved – we can provide a quote to you when we know word count and genre. The report is a written report detailing any areas of concern (and praise!) relating to plot development, character development and  writing technique. Please contact us in the form below with the word count of your book for a quotation.

Where appropriate your report will also include advice on the market, and if you are writing for children, the appropriate age for your protagonist and your target reader.

Picture book reports are €175 for 1 x 1000 word manuscript (feedback in a written report) plus VAT @ 23%

These are the areas covered in the Readers Report:

Story overview: The story overview gives you the opportunity to see exactly how a reader perceives your story. These notes have been taken during the progress of the first read and are an accurate record of this reader’s first reaction to the text.

Summary of areas you need to address in the next draftan overview of the main points that need to be worked on.

Plotdoes the plot work? Are there plot holes/inconsistencies? What are the areas that need addressing?

Subplothave you developed subplots? If not , what areas can they look?

Paceis it right for the market/do some sections work better than others? 

Charactersthe reader will outline the key characters as their perceive them, assessing their strengths and what needs to be done to improve or develop them.

Themes – Are there any? How can they be strengthened?

Writing Style

  • Voice
  • Writing techniques – how does the writer use them and what do they need to improve?
  • Use of language

Market – what’s happening at the moment in this genre, tips to make the book more commercial

Chapter by chapter notes on text

Here’s what one writer thought of the service:

“I commissioned an Inkwell Reader’s Report for a fresh perspective, so I could take the early draft of my novel, Last of the Lucky Country (Southcoast One), to the next level. Vanessa’s service is second to none and Mary’s skilled assessment was invaluable. She was prompt but thorough and her comments were clear and incisive, giving me a fresh and comprehensive overview of what was (and wasn’t!) working. Her report covered micro manuscript concerns, such as word choice, right through to the macro, including plot, structure, voice and characterisation. Gaining that independent professional opinion on the whole novel proved a very positive experience and having Inkwell on my extended team has really paid off. It gave me the framework to efficiently complete my rewrite – now Lucky Country is shortlisted for the Northern Crime Awards.” Alex Reece Abbott


“Just getting back to say that I was really delighted with this report. These are the signposts my writing needs. I felt Sheena’s professional insights were spot on and I am going to look at all her suggestions and take them on board. Many thanks! Ann (Very Satisfied Customer) 

If you live outside the European Union make sure you mention it when contacting us as you may not be liable for the VAT.

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