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Find Your Tribe: The Writers’ Ink Page Turner Challenge

We’re getting ready for another challenge!

Do you want to be inspired to write daily? To overcome the blocks that are stopping your flow? To understand the techniques you need to make your work sing? Or even get some guidance on what the heck to do next with your first draft?!, Inkwell’s sister site is bringing back their super successful Writers Ink Page Turner Challenge – you can see the testimonials and find out more here:

Run via a private Facebook group, it is aimed at getting you out of your head and writing regularly and consistently, and costs just €37.95 for the full week of challenges and coaching.

Our CHALLENGE STARTS ON Monday 18th April 2022, with the group opening on Friday 15th April 2022 so that you can meet each other and check out our supporting resources – sign up NOW to guarantee your place! You need a Facebook page to get involved, but if you don’t have one, you can set up a private one with no information on it, and delete it at the end of the challenge.

Click to find out more!

The Writers Ink Page Turner Challenge is Back: Join Now!

And here we are talking about getting that book finished!

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