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Literary Scouting

Not every book will make it into print straightaway, or necessarily through the route the writer originally imagined. Inkwell’s aim is to help every writer achieve their dream as closely as possible and our extensive industry experience enables us to give you the best advice.

Inkwell are Ireland’s leading literary talent scouts and work with agents and publishers in Ireland and the UK to spot new authors. While we cannot guarantee to get your work into print, if we see a market for it we will do our best to place it for you.

Click here to see the authors we have placed with agents and publishers, and those we have helped along the way.

This is discretionary service, and is not part of any other Inkwell service. Fees for professional evaluation, editing or readers reports relate to the facilitating author or editor’s time in working on your book. We closely monitor all submissions to our editors, and readers to assist authors whose work is ready for submission.

If we submit your book to agents or publishers, there is no charge for this introduction.

When you are preparing to submit to publishers we recommend  you join as an Emerging Writer Member (only €35 per year) – this gives you a webpage to link to in your submissions, it demonstrates how serious you are about writing and it gives you exposure to the editors and agents who regularly visit the site.

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