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The Inkwell Group is Ireland’s leading publishing consultancy – we have assisted award winning and bestselling authors from all over the world to find publication. Through our full range of services from our invaluable readers reports to hands on advice from best selling Irish authors and top industry professionals, Inkwell’s aim is to move you closer to your writing goals and to get you published.

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Here’s a quick guide to our services:

If you are working on a book or have completed your draft, check out our Readers Reports services – a professional, bestselling, author will read your manuscript, and give you solid feedback on all aspects of the story, character and plot development as well as writing style. Whatever stage you are at in your career, feedback from a Reader’s Report will enable you to bring your book closer to commercial success.

If you have finished your book, edited and polished it until it is perfect and ready for an agent or editor: check out our Agent Submission Package Assessment. We look at your covering letter, synopsis and opening chapters and can recommend improvements and give advice that will give you a much higher chance of success.

If you are at a cross roads and unsure what to do next, check out One to One Consultation or Brainstorm Your Plot

If you are thinking of Self publishing: check out Self Publishing, Editing, or Cover Design

If you have been offered a publishing contract and need help: NEVER sign a publishing contract until you have spoken to a publishing professional about it and understand the full implications of its contents. A family solicitor will not be able to give you the best advice in this instance. The Society of Authors offer free contract consultation to members – joining will be the best money that you ever spent. Publishng contracts are complex and you need to understand them in order to know what rights you are assigning to a publisher and which you should retain.

If you are looking for books that will help improve your writing, check out our Recommended Books on Writing

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. Every writer and every project is different and we tailor services to individual requirements.

Check out for thousands of free articles about every aspect of writing, from starting out to pitching to an agent or self publishing. Find links to videos and podcasts including The Writing Game videos filmed with literary agent Simon Trewin and packed full of guidance on submitting to agents.

Inkwell is run by Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin who writes crime as bestselling author Sam Blake. Find out more about her here.

Whether you are seeking a mainstream publishing deal, to self publish in print or digital, we can help at every step of the way.

Inkwell are literary scouts for several leading UK and Irish agents and work closely with many publishers to spot new talent.

Please note all fees are  EXCLUSIVE of VAT at 23%. If you live outside Ireland make sure you mention it when contacting us as you may not be liable for the VAT.

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