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The Inkwell Group is Ireland’s leading publishing consultancy and a literary scout for UK and Irish Literary Agents. Through our readers reports, agent submission assessments and editorial services we provide you with hands-on advice to move you closer to your writing goals. Our aim is to help you get published.

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Do You Have a writing dream or a writing nightmare? Want to find out? We’re not going to sugarcoat this, because you deserve the truth! Can you believe most writers struggle and ultimately fail.  Out of those who actually start writing a novel, can you believe only 3% finish? It…

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Does it seem like everything is conspiring to keep you from writing…? No time for yourself? Lacking in confidence about whether the words are actually good? Struggling to believe in yourself? Even though that is NOT where you want to be? It’s so tricky to stay motivated when you’re unsure…

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Six Figure Deal for Freedom’s Child

I was convinced long before I heard about The Inkwell Group that I’d just written a bestseller. I suppose this wild confidence comes to many writers after they type the much anticipated words ‘The End’ after years of hard work and mental anguish…perhaps this was just me. But the confidence…

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