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Beating Rejection: The Masterclass

Sam Blake has written eight books, has had multiple number one bestsellers and has been nominated for Crime Novel of the Year three times.

She’s also helped hundreds of authors to publication along the way.

A scout for numerous agents in the UK and Ireland, Sam has been working on both sides of publishing for almost 20 years – you might know her better as Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, founded of  The Inkwell Group the award-winning website, and events like Date with an Agent. She continues to work with new authors on a daily basis and has built an online critique, mentoring and coaching group with journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale. The group, Writers Ink, has featured on the RTE Six One news and nurtures the talent of writers from all over the world.

But it took Sam fifteen years to become an overnight success, with the launch her first runaway bestseller Little Bones. And her mission is pass on her knowledge to reduce that waiting time for you. She says ‘if the resources I’ve created, like, had been around when I started writing, I’d have got there much faster. I hadn’t a clue about the industry when I started and I made all the rookie mistakes.”

And with the help of Maria McHale, Beating Rejection is an online Masterclass that will not only give you invaluable tips on avoiding rejection, perfecting your cover letter and you synopsis, as well as discuss what the industry is looking for at the moment, but it will help you  to develop resilience in the face of rejection and turn it into a driving force for success.

Join us online at 7.30pm GMT on 23rd February. The two-hour masterclass costs just €25 (plus booking fees) – you can’t afford to miss it! Click here to book your place!

Every writer faces rejection at some point, but this doesn’t mean that you should you can’t write, or worse, should stop writing altogether, even though it can be incredibly discouraging and demotivating.

If you want to get your work published, you have to let others read it. And unfortunately, you can’t expect every reader to like it. Different people will have different opinions about your writing – in the same way you love books that others really don’t. This means both positive and negative feedback. Just look at the star ratings on Amazon to get a feel for the different reactions readers can have to the same book!

Maria McHale and Sam Blake understand how difficult it can be to constantly put yourself out there, only to be met with disappointment. But it’s vital to remember that every “no” brings you closer to a “yes.”

It’s time to take control of your writing career and turn those rejections into opportunities for growth.

The Masterclass, “Beating Rejection: Overcome rejection, develop resilience and turn it into a driving force,” is here to help.

Places are limited so click to join, it’s just €25 for the full two hours (plus booking fees)  – the recording will be sent to you by email after the event if you can’t make it at 7.30pm GMT on 23rd February.


In this class, you’ll learn why rejection happens and the common mistakes to avoid, plus how to into a driving force for success. Our expert mentors – international bestselling author Sam Blake and journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale will share their own experiences and provide practical tips and strategies for overcoming rejection and continuing to pursue your dreams.

Find out what needs to go into your covering letter, how to write a synopsis and the secrets to writing killer opening chapters.

You’ll discover how to view failure as a stepping stone, instead of a roadblock, and learn how to turn rejection into motivation. Sam and Maria will be answering your questions – nothing is too small or silly if it’s a concern for you, and you can guarantee someone else is wondering the same thing.

We’ve got years of collective experience on avoiding the mistakes that will get your work rejected, the fear of rejection, facing rejection and overcoming and reframing it into a positive experience (yes, unbelievably, you can feel ‘some’ positivity about rejection!)

You’ll also learn how to build a supportive network, manage your expectations, and stay focused on your writing goals.

So, if you’re ready to turn those rejections into a thing of the past, join us for this empowering masterclass.

Place are limited, so grab yours now and take the first step towards a more confident, successful writing career. At just €25 (plus booking fees) it could change your whole approach.


Check out the testimonials from writers who have attended Sam and Maria’s previous masterclasses and challenges.

“This was the most useful masterclass I had in a long time. Not just random information but useful and practical things I can ACTUALLY put into practice. The knowledge bombs set off a thousand lightbulbs for me, thank you! “

“Vanessa and Maria make such a wonderful team, so full of help and positivity. It was a joy just to watch you both bouncing off each other during the live chats. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“The best part of the masterclass was being in a group of very talented writers who offered positive feedback and encouragement. The knowledge and wealth of experience from Maria and Vanessa was uplifting. I leave here with a new courage. And a story that needs to be written.”   “Thank you to everyone, but especially to Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin and Maria McHale for your energy and creativity, your experience, expertise, and compassion. Yep, that too, is very important.”

“This is my favourite and most productive masterclass to date. Now I realise that I can allow myself to be much more spontaneous. I can jump in at the deep end and run with an idea, in order to see where it takes me. It might be a short story, it might be a book, it might even be a dead end – but it’ll be fun finding out.”

With this transformative masterclass, you’ll learn how to make your submissions sparkle , how to overcome rejection and gain the confidence and determination needed to pursue your dreams. You’ll discover how to turn rejection into motivation.

Always wanted to be a bestseller? Find out how! Join us online at 7.30pm GMT on 23rd February, don’t leave your place to chance! The recording will be sent to you after the event if you can’t make it!


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