Consultancy Services

Expert Forensics Advice for Crime Writers

Inkwell are working with Think Forensic based in the UK, to provide expert advice to budding crime writers who need assistance with forensic procedures and UK police protocol.

Think Forensic work with schools, businesses, and a diverse range of groups and communities – they are all ex-crime scene investigators. Think Forensic also run workshops facilitated by experts from crime investigation backgrounds, who are able to recount appropriate experiences as required, ensuring students are not left with unanswered questions. Providing the CSI Murder Room workshop at Dublin’s first Murder One International Crime Writing Festival, they worked with Lynda La Plante to dramatise a scene from her new release.

Successful authors strive for authenticity and technical accuracy in their plots and stories, and many established authors have their own contacts and sources which they have built up over the years. It can be difficult, especially for writers who are just beginning their career, to forge these links and that it is not always possible to have a contact in every topic or discipline. That should not result in a book being inaccurate – Think Forensic’s expert knowledge and experiences are extensive, which means they can be a great source of information for all crime fiction writers. Their expertise cover the following areas:

  • Crime Scene Protocols & Procedures
  • Forensic Knowledge & Techniques around Trace Evidence
  • Anthropology & Bodily Fluids including DNA
  • Criminal & Geographical Profiling
  • Interview Techniques
  • Police Procedures
  • Prison and Probation Matters
  • Archaeology & Body Recovery
  • Fire Chemistry & Investigation
  • Road Traffic Collision Investigation
  • Forensic Linguistics
  • And much more!

Think Forensic charge €95.00 per hour plus VAT @ 23% for consultancy services and can be contacted through – send us an email and we’ll see if they can help!



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