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Are You Up for a Challenge?

Does it seem like everything is conspiring to keep you from writing…?
No time for yourself? Lacking in confidence about whether the words are actually good? Struggling to believe in yourself? Even though that is NOT where you want to be?
It’s so tricky to stay motivated when you’re unsure what to do about it. Do you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, trying to push ahead? Or would you be better off giving up?
Have you thought about whether or not the reason you’re stuck is you… Or at least, something about you? When you’re alone with all these negative inner critic thoughts, it’s easy to talk yourself out of fulfilling your writing dreams.
Are you confused about what you need to get ahead in writing?
Do you feel like you’ve got wasted potential or squandered opportunities?
Are you happy with that situation right now? If no, what would you say if we had something that could help?
Not exactly a solution. But answers. Guidance. Help. Energy. Guaranteed. Zero risk involved.
Would you be interested?
How interested? On a scale of 1 to 10?
If the answer is over 6, come and join us on The Page Turner 5 day writing challenge which starts on 24th April.
It’s run by Inkwell and founder Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, aka bestselling crime writer Sam Blake and me, journalist and coach Maria McHale. (The pic below is us at the An Post Book awards, where Vanessa was shortlisted for Crime Fiction book of the year!)
Between us, we have a substantial (eek!) number of years experience getting the absolute best out of writers.
Spend five days with us and we guarantee you will leave with a feeling of positivity, confidence and a plan to progress your writing with pace, tension and a gripping story!
There are 5 days of tasks, a private pop-up community buzzing with energy and your kind of people (other aspiring writers) and nightly lives where you can get any question answered on anything to do with writing, submitting, publishing, etc.
Imagine a week where you had two expert mentors on tap to answer absolutely any writing or mindset question you have?
Imagine being brave enough to share your words (it’s not compulsory) and getting constructive and encouraging feedback on how to improve and get even better?
Imagine being in a group of people who ‘get’ writing and are also writers themselves and able to nerd out for five days on all things writing?!
Imagine being in the energy of possibility for five days – seeing and believing that you can and will improve and increase your writing and publishing knowledge?
Imagine being able to ask questions live every night for 5 days on ANYTHING related to your publishing journey.
There is NOTHING like this on the internet, we do know that.
This is our 9th challenge and we’ve got an exceptional track record of motivating and encouraging writers to do the work, improve their writing skills and their thought processes, finish something, overcome a block somewhere and in many cases, given people that last push they needed to finish that elusive first draft.
All that for €25.
We start on Monday 24th April but to join us, you need to sign up as soon as possible as places are limited.
Are you in?
Come and join us here, a week of top class mentoring, constructive feedback (if you want it) and buzzing energy!
All for €25 – you can sign up at this link:
See you on the inside 🔥
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