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10 ways to optimize and monetize your social media strategy in 2013, and sell books

Excellent post from The Bookseller:

First of all, thanks everyone for reading my posts – apparently one of my posts was the most read on Futurebook this year, amazing! No surprise that the post was about improving online book sales – it says a lot about the current climate we’re in and the tough battles that many publishers are facing, big or small. The post in question has since been translated into Italian and Spanish and repurposed across the web. It brought me loads of interesting connections on Linkedin as well as many people trying desperately to sell me eBook conversion and guaranteed number 1 SEO services. Thanks to the Futurebook team for providing the platform: it’s a great initiative.

I thought I’d finish up what has been a quite dramatic year for our industry with a look at how to monetise social media. I know this is something everyone is grappling with. 2013 should be the year you question the ROI your social activity is generating. 

Almost every publisher now has a social media presence of some form. If your company doesn’t you probably aren’t even reading this article. So hopefully I’m preaching to the converted…

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