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A Week in the Life of an Agent

Ever wondered why it can take a while for an agent to get back to you? This is a superb post by agent Andrew Lownie (who represents Inkwell writer Eleanor Fitzsimons) on exactly what he does in an average week – you’ll see it’s pretty non-stop…

Andrew Lownie outlines the range of activities he is involved with in a ‘typical’ agency week.


A raft of submissions have come in overnight. One author writes, ‘At this time I respectfully request you unsheathe your sharpened red pen and engage me. In good faith that you are up for the challenge, let us dance.’ Afraid I’m not really up to such frenetic activity first thing on a Monday.

Other submissions include ‘a 130 page essay on Roberto Bolaño´s poetry’, the ‘historical origins and cultural significance of Jamaica’s national dish’, ‘a Short Social History of the Clitoris’ and something describing itself as ‘erotica-tinged space and techno-fantasy fiction’. A clever submission where Bible stories have been written as Cockney rhyming slang, in broad Yorkshire, in SMS Text, in Egyptian Hieroglyphics., for Toddlers etc. Difficult to assess and I suspect not something which will sustain reader interest.

Film enquiry from US and I pass it on to my film agent.

This is obviously just an excerpt – for the rest of the post visit

Well worth a read!

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