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Excellent Blog Post on Writing Better (Occasionally Ranty & Sweary)

This is a brilliant blog post that pretty much summarises what all us fiction writers *should* be doing, and yes it’s a bit ranty and sweary but with good reason!

Thanks to JJMarsh for putting it out there! JJ  Marsh is a writer, journalist, teacher, actor, director and cultural trainer, English Literature and Theatre graduate of the University of Wales (BA Joint Hons),  theatre director qualified via the Central School of Speech and Drama, EFL trainer (RSA Dip.), accredited journalist and Alliance of Independent Authors Ambassador to Switzerland. The author of the The Beatrice Stubbs Series:

Behind Closed Doors

Raw Material

Tread Softly

and Cold Pressed

you can find out more about here at

 (She says: “PS: I can also eat fire.”)

Massive Book Rant (contains swearing)

I’ve now destroyed three Kindles by flinging them at the wall. Number of paperbacks taken to recycling – three bags full. I am so tired and weary of reading half-baked bollocks, I want to give up my treasured pleasure of literature and watch Blackadder repeats.

No, you beard-strokers and bespectacled nodders, this is not the ‘Great Unwashed Tsunami’ of self-publishing. It’s far too many shite books by authors whose gaze rests otherwhere than on their readers. It’s self-indulgent crap and it comes from every kind of publishing arsehole.

This week I hurled a Booker Prize nominee out the window. Gave up on a small press manuscript. Spent three hours trying to refine a critique which should simply read: Don’t.

From a reviewer’s perspective, here are the Golden Bloody Rules.

  1. Stand in your readers’ shoes. We don’t know your characters or storyworld as well as you do. Tread that fine line between hinting at what happened before/shitloads of backstory which makes us need a fucking diagram.

For the rest you’ll have to click here:

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