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Experience of Aspergers? Can you write about it?

Many of you will have seen Adam Harris on the Late Late Show discussing the launch of his website Aspergers Advice, and you may know that I have a son with Aspergers. Adam has asked me to join the board of the charity he has founded, and we need your help! A whole new website has been recently launched, but Adam needs writers to send him content, to provide visitors with more information about autism and Aspergers syndrome.

These are the areas he would love 750-1000 word pieces on – Adam says:

We at don’t want to be doing all the talking – instead we want this to be your site with your views, experiences and concerns.

However many people are reluctant to write as they are unsure what we are looking for or feel they won’t be up to it. Well we are delighted to post any material in line with our Editorial and Moderation Policy and in order to give people a guide on topics we are getting a lot of inquiries about, we are now going to post a list weekly and ask that people consider writing for us on these topics (articles between 500-1000 words or more) if they appeal to them, though as always we will take anything AS related. We also would love to have video content or photos if that is how people prefer to express themselves to get a particular point across.

We are hoping to hear some discussion on:

As well as providing invaluable advice for those dealing with Aspergers, writing for the site offers a new publishing opportunity for writers looking to expand their portfolio.

Contact Adam at with your ideas and pieces, and thank you.


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