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How to Publish Independently with Amazon Free Online Nov 19 is running an exciting event with Amazon publishing – the event sold out in 48 hours but do join us online – whether you are published, unpublished or just curious, this is a landmark event that will give you the inside track on how Amazon works and how to publish successfully with them. If you are traditionally published it will give you an insight into how you can make Amazon work for you. Full details below.
Amazon experts, and a team of bestselling authors will be explaining exactly how to independently publish successfully with Amazon on 19th November.  Amazon’s independent publishing team will be in Dublin with the team and RTÉ’s Rick O’Shea to host this exciting event, which will be live-streamed via YouTube to the KDP website and
Watch online and pose your questions to the panelists via social media. Libraries all over the country are live streaming the event to ensure that writers have access to the broadcast (particularly in poor broadband areas), enabling you to  exchange tips and information with other authors in your area. Talk to your library to see if they are participating and ask them to contact if they need information.
Opening with a panel on How to Write a Bestseller and covering every aspect of independent publishing from editing to cover design and, crucially, marketing, plus understanding the business of being an indie author, this one-day, one-stop conference will give you the tools you need to bring your book to readers worldwide.
Panels will run from 9am-5pm and include:
9.00am Welcome and Introductions
9.10 to 10.20am: How to Write a Best Seller
10.25 11.30am:   The Art of Editing
12.00- 1.00pm: It’s All In The Cover
2.00-3.00pm: Making a Book – How to Upload Your Book & Get Discovered
3.00-4.00pm Marketing Your Book
4.00- 5.00pm: Making it Happen – the Business of being an Independent Author
Watch at home and get a gang together and have a publishing party, or join other writers at your local library – but be sure to tune in!
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