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Join the Write Here, Write Now 5 Day Writing Challenge!

Over at we’re running a 5 day writing challenge that will get you out of your head and writing regularly and consistently. Run by a Number 1 bestselling author Sam Blake and NLP coach Maria McHale it’s designed to overcome blocks and give you invalauble hints and tips to make your writing flow.

Did your New Year resolutions to write more, not deliver? Do you spend all your time thinking about writing, dreaming about writing, doing the odd bit of writing but getting overwhelmed and lost in a haze of can I? Should I? Will I? Questions that leave you going around in circles and getting more and more dejected and NOT WRITING?!

Now is the perfect time to join the Writers Ink WRITE HERE, WRITE NOW Challenge and start to turn your writing dreams into reality. This challenge is run through a private Facebook group , so wherever you are in the world you can get involved and meet fellow writers for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day…

No more stressful, inconsistent efforts, that leave you frustrated – we’re going to make sure your writing in 2020 becomes ‘effortless’ (in as much as writing ever is!)

This is what will make the difference between you and those writers who just write, no matter what!

Our CHALLENGE STARTS ON Monday Feb 17th 2020

Click here for more info and to sign up!

The challenge is just €20 for five days of specially designed exercises, exclusive video, tips sheets and support – you can do it in your own time, there is no prescribed time to show up. If you need a push to get motivated, come and join us – we’ll answer all your publishing and writing related questions.

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