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Jon McGregor on what it takes to be a success

This is a really super piece by Costa Novel winner Jon McGregor on just what it takes to write a prize winning novel:

In many ways, I like to think of myself as an Olympic medal-winning skier. Sometimes, when people ask how long it takes to write a novel, I wonder what they really want to hear. How long does it take to get to the bottom of the ski run? How much of that seven years was spent actually writing the actual text that went into the actual finished novel? In common with most people who work from home – and have more than one job, and have children in their lives – the mechanics of when and where I’m actually sitting at a desk doing work are complex and inconsistent. But even taking that into account, the work that actually happens at a desk is not always time spent actually writing. There are other things that happen.

Well worth a read!

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