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Keep Your Eyes On Me Ebook Just 99p

If you want to see if we really know what we’re doing here at Inkwell, grab a copy of the No 1 bestseller Keep Your Eyes On Me for 99p (on all ebook platforms) – it’s a very limited offer, so be quick! You won’t be disappointed (especially not for 99p!)

Here’s the latest review from Max Jakubowski at

Sam Blake/KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME (Corvus)

A clever domestic thriller and dark revenge tale from the author of the Dublin-based Garda cop and kick-boxer Cat Connolly series which breaks new ground for her. When Vittoria Devine and Lily Power are sat next to each other on a flight to New York, their conversation leads them to comparing notes on the more unhappy aspects of their current relationships and they quickly come to realise they could actually be of great use to each other. A witty spin on Highsmith’s classic STRANGERS ON A TRAIN from a female perspective, this variation leads its male characters on a merry dance of handmade retribution. Lily has been cheated out of her business by her own brother while Vittoria has a husband with more than just a roving eye, and now a pregnant mistress on his hands.  How the two wronged women engineer their well-earned revenge makes for a delightful and wicked soufflé of a book, both lightweight and clever and intricate and always defying expectations. Great fun, with an echo of the dark laughter of a Donald E. Westlake.

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