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Need Help Moving Forward?

Inkwell offer all sorts of services to help you move forward with your book – but we’ve just had great news from Alex Reece Abbot who used our Readers Report Service. This is what she thought of the report and what happened next…

“I commissioned an Inkwell Reader’s Report for a fresh perspective, so I could take the early draft of my novel, Last of the Lucky Country (Southcoast One), to the next level. Vanessa’s service is second to none and Mary’s skilled assessment was invaluable. She was prompt but thorough and her comments were clear and incisive, giving me a fresh and comprehensive overview of what was (and wasn’t!) working. Her report covered micro manuscript concerns, such as word choice, right through to the macro, including plot, structure, voice and characterisation. Gaining that independent professional opinion on the whole novel proved a very positive experience and having Inkwell on my extended team has really paid off. It gave me the framework to efficiently complete my rewrite – now Lucky Country is shortlisted for the Northern Crime Awards.” Alex Reece Abbott

Fingers crossed for success!!

If you need to discuss your issues or have other questions, the next Inkwell Book Clinic is scheduled for 14th February – book in, and fall in love with your book all over again! If you had great intentions of kicking off your writing career in 2015 but are struggling, Vanessa can help. Her expertise covers all areas of publishing and self publishing from how to write your book to how to sell it and she has assisted many, many authors to publication. Click the link for details.

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