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New Year, New Writing…

It’s the time of year for New Year’s Resolutions and has lots of articles that will assist you in every aspect of the craft, but here are some highlights to inspire you…
Catherine Ryan Howard’s advice is to Finish Your Damn Book – she did and look what happened!
Dave Rudden details 8 Ways to Get Serious About Writing in 2015 – essential reading whatever stage you are at.
In her article On Never Giving Up. Ever, Hazel Gaynor explains how she went from self published to the New York Times Bestseller list.
If you’re submitting this year, check out 10 Things to Look Out for When Line Editing, and read our submission tips section.
As writers, we all love quotations – find out what inspires Sarah Webb and get tips from the masters here.
We have heaps of submission opportunities listed – magazines and journals looking for your writing (whether fiction, non fiction or poetry) – and some of them pay! We also feature competitions every week, which are an ideal way to Kick Start Your Writing Career.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, and best of luck with all your writing plans for 2015!
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