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Getting your work to the best standard possible is crucial in today’s market.

Publishers receive so many submissions that they don’t have time to find a glimmer of genius in a rough draft – they want a polished manuscript. You only get one chance to submit, so make your work the best that you can.

The Inkwell Critique Service connects you with best selling authors who write in your genre and who can advice you on essential writing technique. A critique will make your work better and bring it closer to a publishable standard.

The critiquing author will go through your work line by line, commenting inline on what is working, what isn’t and showing you how to fix it. They will also give you an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.

Critiquing is a vital part of the learning process for every writer, is positive, constructive and working one to one with the author will pin point anything that needs changing and what should be left alone. Having your worked critiqued early in the writing process enables you to avoid developing bad habits through repeated mistakes, and will save you months of wasted writing time.

There are a broad range of consultants who critique for Inkwell – check out our consultants at We will find the best available consultant to work on your book.


Inkwell offers an initial critique package that will give you vital guidance to improve your manuscript.

We have found that writers unwittingly make the same mistakes throughout their manuscript and we can pick these up in the opening chapters. You will receive enough guidance from this critique to go on to identify and fix issues in the complete manuscript, saving the cost of having the full manuscript read.

If you feel you require a second longer critique, the manuscript will be at a much higher level and our authors can help you perfect it, focusing on story development and structure as well as writing technique.

A line by line critique of the first 30 pages of your double line spaced manuscript is €350 plus VAT @ 23%. Manuscripts should be submitted by email. Complete the contact form below with as much information as possible about your book – we will assign an author who has experience in your genre.

All our authors are available to critique longer pieces of work if you prefer to submit more, and will discuss this with you, giving you a quotation when they have seen a sample of your work.

Complete the contact form to get in touch with us about your project. Make sure to mention if you live outside Ireland as you may not be liable for the VAT.

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