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Willesden Herald International Short Story Competition

The deadline for The Willesden Herald’s respected international story competition coincides with the Mayan end of the world on Dec 21.

The competition is open to all aged 18 or over, regardless of nationality or country of residence.

Entries must be:
– in English
– double-spaced
– in a normal font size (12 point is fine)

Entries must be entirely your own work and never previously published or broadcast, online or offline.

One entry per person only. Subsequent entries, including revisions, will be omitted from the competition and will not be read.

Entries submitted on behalf of somebody else will not be eligible.

Manuscripts must show no name, address or identifying marks other than the title of the story. Entries are numbered automatically and cross-referenced with your user details. After the anonymous reading and selections, your name and details will be retrieved if your entry has been successful.

Word limit this year: 7,500.

There is no set theme.

How to Enter

First register and verify your email address. After you have registered you will be able to login and there will be a link to upload your entry for the competition and to pay the entry fee (£3 or free with a valid discount code).

Uploading will only be possible between the opening and closing dates for submissions (1 September 2012 to 21 December 2012) but you can register at any time.

More info here:


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