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Lisa Burkitt’s Scent of Success

This week sees the launch of two publications by Lisa Burkitt.  Her debut novel,  The Memory of Scent  has been published by the History Press while  Best Paris Stories an anthology of short stories, has been edited by Paris Writers News, and both are now available for purchase.

Lisa can trace her breakthrough right back to a link that someone sent to her about the Inkwell Writers site.

She had been working away on her debut novel and was writing through several re-drafts when she came across submission information in the Inkwell Newsletter for a short story contest organised by the Paris Writers Network – the only criteria being that it had to have Paris as its theme.  Because hers was a Paris based novel, she decided to test the water and re-shaped an extract into a short story format.

Her story was first shortlisted, then finally selected from an international field for publication.  It gave her the spur to redouble her efforts to complete the novel – and this again is where Inkwell came in as she took advantage of the manuscript assessment service.

More time and re-drafting followed on from Vanessa’s feedback until the characters, setting and story all became a natural fit.  The final link was when Vanessa introduced Lisa, her book ‘The Memory of Scent’ and Ronan Colgan of the ‘History Press’.

According to Lisa, “Vanessa O’Loughlin and Inkwell, were there to marshal  ‘The Memory of Scent’ along at every crucial point until she handed the baton to the History Press and it became an actual product.  I have alerted others to the existence of this valuable resource and writers would be foolish not to immerse themselves in it.’









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